I want to hear about the Halloween BJ Ball..


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It was pretty sweet!

The tournament was fun but several rounds were abruptly cut short due to time constraints. I got to play at a table with Norm, MIT Mike and Barry Meadows (and a few anonymous players). I made it to the final 3 but couldn't make any headway once they announced that the last round was suddenly 3 hands away (instead of 13). I rallied as best as I could and had to double down on a hard 15 on the last hand, but that 3 of clubs couldn't beat the dealer's hand.

There was a speed-count competition between Johnny C and a drunken Hollywood Dave, and Max Rubin gave 6:5 odds on anyone who could come within 3 seconds of Johnny C. Once I saw Johnny C count down two decks in 33 seconds I knew that I could never stumble through my level 2 system and ace side count that quickly. Still, it was fun to watch other people try. =)

I also had a nice chat with Barfarkel (LVPro), Wylie (videodude) and Jeff (I don't know). There were several other notable players/authors/publishers and a few that I didn't recognize. The atmosphere was very friendly and everyone was excited to talk to each other.

All in all it was a fun night and a good chance to hang out with some very experienced players. The t-shirts are pretty badass too!

Fantastic event.

Anyone who had to missed it, or didn't go because of some uncertainty or whatever , needs to consider going next year.

There was such a positive vibe. Good conversation. Lots of friendly people. It was just plain fun.

I would love to elaborate more, but I'm sick and can only spend a little time out of bed right now. I'll post more later.
Sounds like the beginning...

of what may be a real in person unity of our AP brothers and sisters. We need to keep it going in the future. It could eventually give us enough power to make a difference.

I'm still dreaming of the day a large group of us pickets a "shame on you type casino" for doing something illegal or unfair. :)

User name and password no longer worked. Was easily fixed by starting out fresh with everything new. I'm not on here to make a name for myself. I just want to increase my knowledge in the world of AP.


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I was in town but did not attend

The worry about my being easier to identify than some of you guys even in costume kept me away. Perhaps some future year with a real elaborate costume I might attend.
One thing I did notice some time after your party broke up while wandering in a strip casino was a costumed 3CP team at work. Seemed like they were doing well, and just might have come from the ball.



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I wouldn't attend ...

...Saw a non-counting Asian got flat-betted at Bar@** just for asking about Max Rubin after hearing a dealer mentioning him being a consultant for the casino!!!!