ill be playing a little blackjack this weekend

ill be at the hard rock this weekend to test a couple things i got for the 8 deck at the hollywood hardrock.plan to just make 1 tenth of what i bring to have a good trip.just wanna put in a hour and test it a little.


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Setting win loss goals based on short periods of time isn't really effective. You need to get an idea of how much you're expected to earn and what you should expect to be between. This can give you a good idea if you're playing the game you think you are or not.


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If for some reason you do not wish to reveal what you are implying when you say: "… test a couple things i got for the 8 deck"

then just message me.

Meanwhile the BJ offered at the Hollywood Hard Rock is NOT attractive at all.

I used to play there. I know of what I speak.
Hard rock game does suck, to much advantage for the house. But if u get to know some of the dealers they will cut it deep for you. Still doesnt help they hit soft 17.