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Discussion in 'General' started by playerwh, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. playerwh

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    The wonderful Wizard of Odds has a nice explanation on the blackjack "in-between" side bet but I'm not quite sure how to read it. The explanation is here:

    What I don't understand is how to read probability column of the chart. For example, it says if player's first two cards and dealer's up card form a three of a kind, then player wins 30 to 1, which I get. But what I want to know is what are the odds (x:y) of the event happening (or not)), is it 40 to 1 against? 50 to 1 against? 100 to 1 against?

    I suspect that information is in the probability column but do not know how to read it.:confused:

  2. Blue Efficacy

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    Let's figure it out together for a 6 deck game.
    Odds for 3 of a kind. Let's start with the dealer upcard, that's an ace.

    So now you want a pair of aces for your hand. There are 311 cards left, of which 23 are aces. 23/311=.0739, or 7.39%. Now you need one more ace, now with 310 cards left, of which 22 are aces. 22/310=.0709. Multiply those and your result is .005, or .5%. So therefore it will occur once in 200 trials.
  3. acepembs

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    This garbage only pays 30 to 1? Just another way for the casino to rake in easy money. Take that chip you were going to put on the side bet and throw it on a roulette number. Better odds, and better payout. Still -EV.
  4. playerwh

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    Agreed (except gratuitous "-EV") completely that it is garbage except I'm not wasting any money on a roulette number either. As an aside, I'm always tickled when people betting it at the table and losing repeatedly point to my empty side betting circle when my blackjack hand "would have" won the side bet as if I am a moron for not playing it. Yet the same people don't repeatedly pat me on the back for not betting when my hand would not have been a winner time after time after time.:laugh:
  5. blackchipjim

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    Stay away

    It slows the game down to a point that it hurts your ev. Stay away from tables that are labeled as such for your own good. I sit at a table as long as no one is playing the sucker bet and leave when someone starts to. I threaten to play the bet to piss the dealer off jokingly if he doesn't start dealing me good hands.:laugh:

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