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    The beating was administered by a Native American Guy who was NOT in uniform, and was built like a fullback.
  2. If he had the appearance of an American Indian, he is no relation to the "tribe" that runs Foxwoods. They are mislabeled Negroes.
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    This man speaks the truth.. Sons of bitches.. Last year on my birthday I had an incident with security in a parking garage.. I got arrested (DUI/ slightest degree) and had to go to a city court completely off Indian land. They also had highway patrol there as "backup".
  4. nin

    Would you rather be arrested for DUI OR MANSLAUGHTER:eek:

    They may have done you a favor.

    No drinkng at all if you plan on driving.

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    A Bit of Vindication

    I made several posts about a month ago talking about the importance of not being greedy. The responses hurt my feelings :cry: ;) and I did not post for a few weeks. I am sure to the delight of many! :laugh:

    I guess one needs to throw a lot of camo, don't stay to long and not be greedy:rolleyes:

    General Custer thought he could ride through indian country with 100 men, one needs to know their limitations!
  6. More like

    More like 645 fighting men. It was an ugly day for both sides.

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    Custer underestimated how many Indians he was up against, largely due to misinformation and miscommunication. And as CP points out, he had more like 700-800 men, but he was still greatly outnumbered.
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    Thought or Stated

    I think Custer or another US general? stated he could ride across Indian territory with 100 men.

    I think I found a/the quote by Fetterman of the Fetterman massacre fame.
    "Give me 80 men and I can ride through the whole Sioux Nation"

    The point being to perhaps not be to arrogant in Indian casinos or greedy?
    We perhaps can learn a lot from history.

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