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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by djdx2, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. djdx2

    djdx2 Member

    Hi everyone, i live in Sydney and i have been studying blackjack for along time now, read heaps of books, practised heaps, played heaps, mastered basic strategy, shuffle tracking, card-counting etc..etc....

    Its really nice to see other Australians are interested in card-counting as well, not only myself :p

    This is the only forum ive found which talks about "Australia".

    It would be great if other members who have visited other Australian Casinos to post there feedback , reviews, info, penetrations, CSM or SM?, number of decks, heat, splitting? das? , on other casino's around australia.

    Hopefully we can gather a small community of card-counters and BJ players in your local country.
    Soon, when I have some holidays from work, ill be able to visit other Casino's around Australia or even a nice long trip to Las Vegas :)

    Personally i have only been to my local Star City, where i love to play a few hands of blackjack.
    But sadly Star City have protected themselves by using CSM (Continous Shuffling Machines) on there tables.
    Heat : Use whatever bet spread, signals, splitting-10s you desire. Staff will just look over and give you a nice big Smile :)
    More info to come..
  2. wittyno12

    wittyno12 New Member

    Hi, Im from Adelaide. my local casino is Skycity and mathematically probably a much better place to play Blackjack than Star city.

    They do use CSMs at skycity, with 8 decks being used and splitting can be done upto 3 times im pretty sure.

  3. wittyno12

    wittyno12 New Member

    sorry i mean skycity does NOT use CSms
  4. nightfoxx

    nightfoxx Member

    adelaide casino

    just to expand on witty's post, i believe the rules at adelaide casino are as follows:

    8 decks with 1 1/2 - 2 cut off
    stand soft17
    Dbl on 9,10,11 only
    Split to 3 hands
    Aces only split to two hands
    Only one card only on split aces
    BJ pays 3:2
    Insurance pays 2:1
    Australian no hole card rule (dealer BJ takes only original bet, no splits or doubles)

    i think this amounts to an approx adv. of -0.55%
    there is relatively low heat at adelaide casino however if you are recognised as a cc then you can have the rules changed against you

    i cant remember the exact table Max and mins. but i will post that info soon


    P.S. i encourage more people to post info on their local casino's or ones they have visted so we can share information, just as the casino's share information about card counters.
  5. nightfoxx

    nightfoxx Member

    skycity adelaide rules

    hello again, i made a mistake with the above post...

    i said... dbl: 9, 10, 11 only- i should have said dbl: hard 9, 10, 11 only
    i said... australian no hole card rule, dealer takes origingal bets only(no splits or doubles)- i should have said... australian no hole card rule, dealer takes original and busted bets only (no splits or doubles)
  6. highflier

    highflier New Member

    Adelaide recently went to all CSMs downstairs. Upstairs after 8pm Fridays and Saturdays you will find shoe games.
  7. BJ1

    BJ1 New Member

    Cairns Reef Sofitel Casino

    I posted this in another thread but thought it might be useful here.

    Reef Sofitel Casino in Cairns:

    6 Deck, S17, DAS, D9-11 (only hard 9-11), Split Once Only, OBO if Dealer BJ's, House edge 0.55%

    They don't use CSMs on the blackjack tables at present in Cairns.

    I think they've come to the conclusion that CSMs cost money...cutting the house edge by 0.22% on basic strategy.

    The odd competent card counter who actually wins is a rarity in reality.

    CSMs cost casinos money on blackjack in most cases by reducing their edge on the majority of people...regular players who don't count or players who think they can count but actually aren't very good at it.

    Deck penetration is usually around the 4 1/2 deck level on a 6 deck shoe.

    Ocassionally you might see a dealer go out to 4 3/4 or 5 decks but it's uncommon.

    Mid shoe entry and a little table hopping in Cairns is common place.

    Some pit bosses are more strict than others.

    Many of the bosses are alternating from being a dealer to being a pit boss so there's large variation.

    Writing anything down at the table is not allowed and enforced.

    They're more nervous about their $50 min limit table than all the other tables (which are $20 min limit).

    I've seen some pros work the tables but they're smart...not playing for more than an hour and disappearing like ghosts. They're also sticking to the $20 tables.

    Far more scrutiny is given to the $50 table.

    I doubt you'd get much heat at all as long as you were only betting up to around $200 a hand, not playing for more than an hour at a time and not leaving with mounds of chips in one session.

    $20 to $180 should be a big enough spread to make a very modest profit counting.

    Wonging with a few spotters on busy nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights) should be possible and makes it a more realistic proposition.

    Couples watching the play or playing together with only one betting is common.

    Groups of friends playing together (and often winning) is also common being a tourist town.

    Cairns is a friendly Casino and the staff are professional.

    The blackjack tables are usually friendly places which can be a nice change from some casinos.

    You might make a modest profit and have some fun.

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