Is anyone familiar with Greg Fletcher?

Discussion in 'General' started by lingmag, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. lingmag

    lingmag New Member

    Is anyone familiar with Greg Fletcher's products? Is his profit multiplier system the same as the shark attack blackjack strategy put out by silverthorne publications, just repackaged and price increased?
  2. Sonny

    Sonny Well-Known Member

    Just another scam. :mad:

  3. lingmag

    lingmag New Member

    So is there anything out there that isn't a scam? That would help a person win more at blackjack?
  4. QFIT

    QFIT Well-Known Member

    It's Silverthorne. It took me months of arguing with Google's lawyers before they finally stopped accepting ads from Silverthorne using my trademark to sell his scams.
  5. Sonny

    Sonny Well-Known Member

    Check out all the sticky threads in the Card Counting forum. There is also some good information in the Advanced Techniques forum and Other Games forum.


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