Is this an ok bet spread?

<=1 15$
2 20$
3 40$
4 60$
5 75$

15 dollar minimum, 8 decks, LS, H17, good pen, double any 2 cards, split up to 4 times, no re-split aces, insurance. 5000$ bankroll. Will get out at -1, -2 true counts depending if I've lost a hand or two in a row. I'm doing this mainly for recreation. I'm sure my ROR is high but is the game still beatable with these conditions. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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have you run this against CVCX? if you're playing the starts of shoes like this i think you might not be getting enough money down when you're favored even though you're wonging out when negative -- if you're backcounting to start then this is fine
No I don't have CVCX. I want to get it but before I do I wanted to make sure I can count effectively at the table before I invest in it, as I would have to get a different computer because I have a Mac. I will try to back count when I think I can. I'm paranoid surveillance or someone might know what I'm doing.


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You are severely undercapped. Plan on going broke at some point in your career. With less than $50K as a bankroll, you are strictly recreational.