Is this gaming violation???


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I read that casinos have the words single-deck 21 over their 6:5 games because the gaming commission will not allow them to call the game blackjack. If this is true, how come some casinos advertise the words "single-deck blackjack" on marquees and signs outside on the stip, but when you walk inside, all you find is 6:5.

The reason I'm asking is I'm wondering if I only dreamt that I read this; it seems that it is a double standard to call it blackjack outside, but the actual game is called single-deck 21.

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Nevada Gaming Control Board is worthless

I made the argument that casinos should not be allowed to call 6 to 5 "blackjack" in a complaint I filed with the Nevada Gaming Control Board a couple of years ago. The Gaming Control Board wasn't interested, which was no surprise. But the Board wastes taxpayer time and money worrying about the length of the girls' skirts in Hard Rock billboards. The Nevada Gaming Control Board is worthless.