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  1. groovey

    groovey Member

    Ok so my significant other bid on a trip on sky auction and wins the bid, to Jamaica.

    I know there is plenty of ganja there, but what about BlackJack tables?
  2. paddywhack

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  3. Dyepaintball12

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    But seriously though, enjoy the ganja. I have been there twice over the last 4 years and it is so easy to find. You will be offered some within the first 30 minutes of arrival.

    First time for us the lifeguard sold us some, and then the next time some guy who worked in the Recreation Dept. sold us some.

    Huge amounts for amazing quality. And cheap.
  4. groovey

    groovey Member

    I know the smoke should be second to none but honestly I rather play BJ then get stoned!:grin:
  5. paddywhack

    paddywhack Well-Known Member

    Well you've got a GF with you so you may have to play a different kind of BJ ;)
  6. groovey

    groovey Member

    Ok so riddle me this.

    If Storks brings white babies

    And Crows bring black babies

    What kind of bird brings No babies?

    answer swallow!!:laugh:;):grin::):p

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