Just heard that Steve Jobs has died.

Discussion in 'General' started by BJLFS, Oct 6, 2011.

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    What a shame that his death was immediately preceded by the first keynote address by his successor, which was widely seen as a dud. He was certainly quite a visionary! Didn't I read recently that Apple now holds more assets than the US?

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    I just got the NY TIMES Alert! This is the end of an era. It just goes to show you that Cancer spares noone.

    RIP, you'll be missed!

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    RIP Steve. :(

    You have had a tremendous impact on countless people's lives.
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    I for one am hoping cancer spares someone. RIP from a fellow disease sufferer. He was a visionary genius.
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    Jobs wasn't a cancer victim - he was a victim of "modern medicine". zg

    Remembering Steve Jobs
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    May be he would become alive again like KJ

    Not to disrespect of anyone. Jason has messed up my mind.
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    Brother Aslan says that we all shall rise again. z:angel:g
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    See Mike Adams commentary about Jobs health in 2009 --
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    If you did, don't use that source anymore.:) The gov't owns 30% of the land in the US, including massive mineral rights. Then there are buildings, the military, reserves, etc. Apple's Market Cap is $350B. But that's just paper and can change in an instant. Assets around $110B, I think. Still an astounding amount, and mostly cash (about $75B). This may be what you are reading. The US cash balance fell that low in the days before the debt ceiling was raised.
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    That was as we were headed towards our most recent potential government shutdown (debt ceiling stuff). And it wasn't total assets, it was more cash on hand. I saw that story too, but I never tried to fact-check it. If we were that close to shutting down, it was probably accurate, moreso because the government lacked cash than because Apple had it.
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    Steve Jobs underwent multiple conventional cancer treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

    In the end, however, even Steve Jobs could not overturn the laws of biochemistry. When you poison the human body, the result is the deterioration and eventual shut down of the body. Chemotherapy does not work! This fact should now be obvious, and yet every year, more and more people choose chemotherapy to their own demise -- people like Farrah Fawcett, Peter Jennings, Patrick Swayze, Michael Douglas and many others.

    Don't they see that conventional cancer treatments do not work?

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/033793_Steve_Jobs_chemotherapy.html#ixzz1Zz5VXgkx
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    Prostate cancer is usually not treated because it grows so slowly. I am not sure what Jobs did but typically you are advised the cure is worse than the disease when it is Prostate Cancer.

    I here the Westboro Baptist nut jobs are going to picket his funeral. Have they no respect?

    I got my Ps confused. Jobs had pancreatic cancer not prostate cancer. Sorry.
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    Shame on you LG............wording a post poorly!!!!!!:whip::whip: To much time at the tables and not enough time using your edumacation?? :p

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    Now thats very cool...ZG....where ya steal that from?


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