just wanted to say hi to the forum

hey everyone just wanted to say hi, i have been reading this forum for a while and it has been a big help to me. I have been living in socal all my life and gotten to know the casinos out here pretty well. So if there is any questions about san diego casinos or other casinos towards palm springs please ask. Just the fyi i use Zen for the pitch games and hi/low for shoe games. Good luck to everyone.
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favorite casinos

In the palm springs area agua caliente (6 deck) game is really good and you can get great pen you can play red or green chips with almost no heat.

Also spotlight 29 has a great DD game which you can play with red chips but early morning is better then evening time it can get crowded. I usually get 70% pen on average which varies a little with each dealer. I am a BIG fan of some dealers on the 6decks game. Just say if your an AP player you will love them to. They make life a lot better. :grin::grin:

In san diego area Barona is an amazing CASINO if you have the bankroll to play HL. Will not go into detail but SD and DD will be worth the trip.