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Discussion in 'Southern USA' started by willhou, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. willhou

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    Hello from Houston, TX :)

    I am a blackjack player with experience from Tunica down to the Gulf Coast. However, I have not been to Lake Charles, Louisiana since Katrina/Rita/etc. hit. Does anyone out there have any recent information about the blackjack conditions at L'auberge du Lac or Isle of Capri in Lake Charles?

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  3. tribute

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    L'auberge, Isle of Capri

    I played both places last week. Isle of Capri is always crowded. Very difficult to find open seats on $5 and $10 tables. Rules: S17, DOA, DAS, RSA, No SUR.
    I managed to get up 20 units in my first half hour, then drove to L'auberge.
    L'auberge is a nice place. Same rules, always crowded, especially on weekends. I never win there. (Why don't I just stay away!) I prefer driving the extra forty minutes to Coushatta in Kinder. They have better games and less crowds, high ceilings, less smoke. I always find open tables. I also like their $10 DD game. Last week they allowed mid-shoe entry. You are also allowed to play multiple spots at table minimum. Big Sky Steakhouse, you must try.
  4. willhou

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    thanks so much to you both.

    I've checked room rates for my day and the Isle and Coushatta are very similar in price. Where would you recommend staying? (From your last post, I'm guessing Coushatta....)
  5. tribute

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    Room rates

    I suggest you call Isle of Capri. You may get the best deal at first. After you get some playing time logged, you will start getting offers in the mail for cash and free rooms. This applies at all three places if you play enough. I don't remember the last time I had to pay for a room. Not bad for a poor red chipper! Yes, I am more inclined to stay and play Coushatta. Coushatta also has four properties to put you up: Main hotel, chalets, Coushatta Inn, and Coushati Pines Lodge. They were all booked up last week but I was lucky and got one night comped.
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    Lake Charles/Kinder

    I've never been to Coushatta, and Isle of Capri seems to be okay but is crowded a lot. I'm sure I'll learn more about Coushatta and the Isle since recent changes at Lauberge.

    I've been doing well at Lauberge in the past months but they have made an unfortunate recent change to their shoe games: you are bound to the table minimum until the next shuffle. So much for doing well on shoes.
    Double deck is still ok but pitch is usually crowded here.
  7. tribute

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    Are you sure about this change? Why would they restrict you to betting table minimum? Please explain further since I have never heard of this before! I have played there many times. Do you really mean if you enter the game mid shoe, you can only bet table minimum until the next shuffle?
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  8. Ms. Dalton

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    Yes, sad but true. I was there a couple weeks ago on a trip back from Biloxi and noticed it on the shoe game that sits on the end of the blackjack games(it was the low-seating table that piggybacked to the 3-card tables, not the one where the craps games are, nor the blackjack tables in front of the cages). There was a very nice dealer who kept repeating the rule as new players joined the table. I listened, asked her oh gee, why would they do that, and she simply said she didn't know-that it seemed like a silly new rule but thats the way it was.
    I'm crossing my fingers that its temporary(the optimist in me).
  9. tribute

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    If you go to Coushatta, you may even find mid-shoe entry now ALLOWED on their 2D pitch game with no flat min. bet requirement. This was the case last time I played there.

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