Lawsuit against Encore Boston


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The article is not really clear. The key issues seem to be:

1. They're using 6:5 on shoe games, which is not permitted per MA Gaming. (They can use 6:5 on 1D/2D - it's possible they're using them on CSM tables only, which could only have 1-2 decks, so would be in compliance.)

2. The slot ticket cashing machine only gives full dollar amounts, and change is printed on a different slot ticket, which you have to cash separately. (Most people won't bother, so they keep the change). They don't mention this separate <$1 ticket in the article, which is misleading.

Seems that #1 they can fix easily, if they even had to, and I doubt there will be substantial damages. #2 is scummy but legally a nonissue, since you have the opportunity to cash it in full if you wish.
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