legal question

I always read that line at an online casino where it says that you must know your local laws. So I tried to look up the local law in fear that they will take my money and never pay me if I win because it's illegal. I live in New York. So is gambling at an online casino legal in the US, or more specifically NY? It seems like a common thing and most of you seem to be from the US judging by some stories, but I cannot find a straight answer to this anywhere.

Ken, you said that you made 50,000 your first year. that is far more than I would ever expect to make if anything. Where are you getting these payouts and is there any legal problems with them?

Thanks for any help



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It sounds familiar that NY may have a statute that prohibits online gambling. A few states do. If you research it, post what you find.

As for withdrawal methods, they've changed over the years. First it was credit card deposits with reversals back to credit card and profits paid by check. Then PayPal got into the business, which was very convenient while it lasted. When they got out of the online gambling payments business, I switched to

I've used Neteller ever since with never a problem.