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  1. Hi everyone just wanted to make a brief introduction. I've been a part time AP for about a year and a half now and have learned a lot from this site. I experienced what KewlJason said he experienced when switching to a level 2 count for a brief time. I was capable of the count (I used zen), but I really didn't see much of an increase in my profits. A big reason could be that I felt that I couldn't play as long or as fast, so that's probably what ate into what little advantage I gained from my level 2 count. I now use (and was using before my switch) hi-lo with 60+ indices and play mostly 6-8 deck shoe games. I'm beginning to reach a bankroll that will make double deck games more accessible to me, so I would love some advice; most notably from creeping panther about his hi-lo-lo system.

    Also, any advice someone could give me about obtaining "The Book" would be greatly appreciated. I'm a bit of a loner AP and have no references so I realize getting the book is probably a long shot, but any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks and I look forward to finally participating in some conversations.
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    Welcome aboard!
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    You will not see much increase in profit. You will see an increase in the number of playable games and a decrease in your N0. When you get to resizing up you will see the small increase become an exponential one. You also can use a slightly smaller spread for the same return. This helps reduce the risk of resizing down. That would have a much bigger exponential affect on your BR. The comparative effectiveness of HILO is less in DD than shoe games. Kewl has made some good points for simplicity. I choose the more advanced route. That way my brain doesn't get bored and start making mistakes. Kewl's posts have him playing hit and run so each session is very short but he tries to have many in one day. I am not sure why this style would require speed but speed is never a bad thing except where slow play is required for your act. Fast play is a big indication you are a seasoned AP. The newbs are not necessarily viewed as a threat since they tend to bust their BR.
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    I'm kind of in your shoes as far as time played and experience. As far as bankroll requirements go and what I've studied from CVCX software, DD requires a smaller bankroll than a 6-8 decker would, at least when RoR is concerned; perhaps a replenishable bankroll would work more easily on the 6-8 deck games even with a smaller starting amount of money because of the softer variance, but the long run RoR requires more money as the number of decks go up. (again, maybe I missed something, but I don't think so)

    I'd say the DD is the way to go unless the rules are horrible; if you have a replenishable BR, just attack the game for as much as you can handle each session with an honorary bankroll (the money you will eventually have) of as much as you'd need for an acceptable RoR. Good luck!


    PS: Have you tried the hi-opt I count? If so, with the aces counted on the side? It's level one, but a bit trickier than hi-lo.

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