Longest losing streak?

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  1. Username

    Username Member

    Currently in the middle of a looooooon losing streak spanning almost 7 months. All told I've put in almost 300 hours at the table and have nothing to show for it except a negative $2000 in the win column.

    What's your longest losing streak?
  2. ArcticInferno

    ArcticInferno Well-Known Member

    You lost only $2000 in 7 months?
    I've lost more than that in one day. I've won more than that in one day, too.
    A $2000 loss over a 7-month span is almost like breaking even.
  3. Lonesome Gambler

    Lonesome Gambler Well-Known Member

    The problem here is that both of these posts don't tell you much of anything. Losing that much over that period of time is either a big deal or a complete non-event based on unit size and hands played during that period. If you're betting $500 a hand and only played over 6 weekends during that time, then it means absolutely nothing. If you're a nickel player playing 30 hours a week in Vegas, then it's probably time to re-evaluate your strategy. My guess is that it's somewhere in between, and that a simulation will show that you're well within 3 standard deviations. Now you know why everyone seems so serious about the whole bankroll idea!

    Edit: I just noticed that the first post cites a 300 hour period, which gives us more information, but again: a $5 bettor should be much more concerned than even a $25 bettor, much less someone playing higher than that.
  4. NightStalker

    NightStalker Well-Known Member

    Yes, its not new to me :(

    I'd couple of losing streaks for 300-400hours where my wins keep on oscilating at one stable value leading my effective win to be zero for 300-400 hours of play.. And then I take it to next level...

    It's been frustrating but it does happens to me. So I'll say assuming 2k is kinda neutral, I would suggest to hang around and keep playing :)
  5. psyduck

    psyduck Well-Known Member

    How bad it is depends on the size of your minimum and maximum bets.
  6. daddybo

    daddybo Well-Known Member

    longest losing streak = 12 hands. Losing sucks.. but it happens.
  7. Sucker

    Sucker Well-Known Member


    But let's suppose you're using a 1-12 betting spread. You can expect to have losing streaks of 300 hours or more with great regularity. With this spread, even a 2000 hour losing streak is not unheard of. The best card counter in the world can expect to have somewhere between one to two losing YEARS in a 40 year career.

    Welcome to the world of card counting. You now have 3 choices: Get used to it, learn some advanced techniques; or quit playing altogether.
  8. 21gunsalute

    21gunsalute Well-Known Member

    That's all? Ha, I've doubled that! 25 to be exact. :)
  9. pooptarts92

    pooptarts92 Well-Known Member

    When I was using HiLo I was overbetting my tiny BR (about 2.5-3k) due to misreading certain books and not really getting anyone to run sims for me. I was a noob then but still, I should have known better. Must have been 2 straight months of 16 and 15 vs faces and aces, just god awful bad beats like doubling soft 18 vs a 6, pull a deuce for 20, dealer goes 16 and pulls a 5... at true 5... it hurts but I've learned to get used to this type of variance since I know it can always be worse. I once lost my whole session BR in 2 decks of a 4 deck shoe, which was only $500 (yep that's the noob days) and was also due to my masher overbetting. I had to walk away from a true 6 or 7 shoe since I had no cash left. It was so bad, lost every insurance bet plus my hands, kept getting bad totals vs 7's and 8's that I had to hit (14 and 13) while busting most of them. Once I finish building my new BR, I now know my limits on the 2 games I'll be playing, soon to be 3 hopefully. But 2 months of this crap was my longest, haven't played a whole lot though to be honest.

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