Longevity Tour

Hi All - First time post and apologies if this is covered elsewhere.
I'm a noob advantage player with about 50 test weekends of experience (playing in NorCal, SoCal, Reno, and LV). I play only DD and want create a "Longevity Tour" for the greater LV area. The sweet spot for me would be to hit four shops per day, 5 days a week and spend the rest of my time studying and playing poker. Ideally I'd like to create red, green, and black chip tours.

I was wondering if anyone has put this together that lives in LV and what has worked for them. I'm thinking of moving to LV and want to maximize my BJ time in the area (supplemental advantage play is in poker).

Parameters for the tour so far are: Location, location frequency, shift schedule, session duration (30-45 minutes depending on heat or when max bets come out), shift heat, play level joint dependent (I'm rolled for green chip with 1% RoR, but it can be replenished so I've taken 1 shot at black chip (which was super fun; I'm happy to play red chip if it adds to longevity)), bet spread varies from 1-4 for green and black chip and 1-5 for red chip with the occasional larger spread if using "pressing" camouflage (used sparingly).

Example: If I have found two shops and I limit my play to unrated 45 min sessions, how often as a local can I visit without drawing attention (on avg.; obv different for everyone; I'm pretty forgettable). Once every two weeks; with my hitting the joint on a different shift every two weeks? My thoughts are to hit the shops where owner has multiple shops for shorter sessions (30 mins or big bets out 2 times max).

Thoughts and comments welcome. I realize I may not make as much $$$ playing this way. I use the Ao2 with aces side count and play most of the plus count deviations. Result have been way over my ~1% expectation.