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I was looking at the Longhorn on Boulder Hwy and noticed they have a .25 edge H17, ds, d3, ls, ra3 game but it looks like they cut off 3 decks. Anyone have any feedback on these great rules but bad pen. I don't think you could spread much as I was backed off there 30 years ago.
The same rules apply at the sister property in North Las Vegas called Bighorn, with better penetration, 70+%...
... However, I noticed that Bighorn they were removing some of the queen of hearts to make the lucky lady payoff less frequent.
... Bighorn and Longhorn are controlled by an Armenian mob group.


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I stayed at the Longhorn two years ago on my first trip to Vegas.
Yes, the pen was bad cutting off 2.5+ decks

I ate in their restaurant a couple of times and they had an excellent promotion, where with every meal purchased you were given a coupon which is to be used as an ace for your first card dealt, however they limited the amount you could bet when using the coupon to a max of $5