Looking for best online betting limits

Where can I find the best "real money" betting limit ranges (i.e. $0.10 min to $300 max or better) for online blackjack? I was a little misled at Monaco Gold Casino (Playtech software) where their play money tables gave me that range but their real money table was either ($1 to $100) or ($5 to $500). I like the feel and speed of Playtech's blackjack software, but not their betting limits. The only site that I have found a "real money" range of $0.10 to $300 is Paradise Poker, but their software is really slow.

Thanks - DeSoto Joe

Joe, why are you looking for such a range? If you play for $0.10 then you must be doing something wrong if you have to wager $300 to get some back. I can understand that you want a wide range but this is very wide? I would suggest you have look at casinos.ie. This is a site from my country, Ireland and I awlays play in theur casinos.

Good luck.
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