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Discussion in 'General' started by Menessis, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Menessis

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    After playing at a Lucky Ladies table becasue it was the only one I could get on I began to wonder how the hi-low count could be used effectivly here? It seems obvious that a hi count would work in your favour. Bit is this true? Any thoughts?

    BTW its an 8 deck game, stand on 17, double anything.


  2. tthree

    tthree Banned

    Since HILO has the ace in with the tens in the primary count its correlation isn't as good as ace neutral counts but it still has an index associated with the bet. I am not sure what it is and LL side bet has 3 pay tables (2 common ones). Each pay schedule has its own index. I am sure one of the HILO players will be happy to provide the indices. It is a side bet well suited to traditional counts. Table rules don't affect the side bet.
  3. Sonny

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  4. Menessis

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    Hey thanks Sonny.

    Well it looks like lucky 7 for Lucky Ladies :)

    That was a lot of reading. And I spent some time very confussed! LOL

  5. BJgenius007

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    You can bet $1 to $25 on Lucky Ladies side bet. You begin to have tiny advantage when TC rises to +7 and that advantage grows almost exponentially as TC grows higher. So this is what I recommend

    TC Bet
    +7 $5
    +8 $10
    +9 $15
    +10 $20
    +11 $25

    or more aggressively

    TC Bet
    +7 $5
    +8 $10
    +9 $25
  6. Wookets

    Wookets Well-Known Member

    I've always just thrown down the max. when the count calls for it, but it really just depends on your BR. There's a couple good posts on this board regarding using the insurance count when playing LL, check them out if you have time.
  7. Menessis

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    I haven't learned how to count anything but Hi Lo so far. Getting better, I can talk to people and such and I'm ok. Sometimes I have a "brain freeze" though and it's all over. I have to learn to trust myself too.

    Insurance count? search.

    Thanks Menessis
  8. moo321

    moo321 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to figure out exactly how to use the queen of hearts side count on this bet.

    For example, I'm at 2 decks remaining, TC is +6 (below the index) but there's 3 queens remaining. Do I play?

    Also, are any other side-counts useful for playing this bet, and if so, how are they used?

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