Major BJ Breakthrough?

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Top Gambling Experts Form New Company
to Assault Casinos

By R.U. Sirius

Gambling Newswire, Oct. 23, 1999, Atlantic City, NJ - The legalized casino industry was dealt a severe blow today with the announcement that two of the most feared expert gamblers/researchers in the world have joined forces. Ron "Boris" Fitch and Doug Grant™ have formed Fractals R Us Publishing™ and have simultaneously announced a breakthrough in the development of winning systems for table games.

Grant, best known as the most successful winning blackjack player and team organizer in the history of casino gaming has also been a tireless champion against casino cheating and bogus sellers of worthless card-counting systems. Fitch, who prefers to be called Boris, is the developer of the top-rated blackjack simulation software of the same name.

"Until now, players of blackjack and other table games were at the mercy of a RICO conspiracy between the casinos and the pathetic conmen system hustlers," says Grant, "this changes everything!" he gleefully exclaims.

"I have found a worthy partner and a brilliant associate," proclaimed Boris, "now will be the beginning of a new era in science-advantage gambling!"

Unveiled at a press conference held at the Claridge Resort and Casino on the beautiful Atlantic City Boardwalk was the new collaborative FractalClump™ 'RadiatingBias® blackjack system,' a first ever focused-distillation of the combined genius of the two brilliant game-strategists. "Counting doesn't work, as I have emphasized for years," Grant continued, "the casino game of blackjack is non-linear, but thru the relatively simple application of our patented fractal algorithm, Fractalrithm® players can predetermine the winning table for play and preset the amount that they desire to win."

"FractalClump™ is a most amazing discovery, and based upon the highest universal pattern," Boris went on to elaborate, "it is unlike anything ever devised for winning at casino table games and will have devastating effects on the gaming industry even as it benefits mankind as a whole."

Also present was Donald Trump, owner of The Claridge. "I am so excited about what this will mean to the customers that play at my casinos that I have decided to give the system to every player who stays at a Trump resort." "Yes," the darling Donald continued, "our casinos will lose money to every player who utilizes the easy to learn FractalClump™ system, BUT we will make it up in action!" The ever-smiling Donald proclaimed this new alignment with the noteworthy system scientists to be "a huge victory and win-win-win for all involved - players, Trump shareholders, and me of course."

Originally incorporated as 2+2=Uh? Publishing, the name was changed last week to reflect the company's new direction.

Also present, and indicative of the huge collaborative effort that lead to the fractal-gambling breakthrough, were the key board members of the Fractals R Us Publishing™ unit, Jerry Patterson, E. Clifton Davis, Ronald Dahl, David Popik, and the chair of the company's advisory board, Dr. Morton Jacobs.

"The day of the FractalClumpers has arrived!" explains the company's press secretary, Thomas Bolick, as Boris and Grant hold each other's hand high in a traditional victory stance to a bursting array of photoflash.

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The Mayor

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I recall this note...

I recall when this was first published, and the casions broadcast it to the world, and were very proud of DG's work. So proud, in fact, that they were willing to teach it, or have DG teach it, to anyone who wanted to learn it.

You gotta know that if the casinos promote it to the public, it's got to be a losing proposition.

This was right around the time that Doug shut down rec.gambling.blackjack.moderated with his law suit.



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Re: I recall this note...

So what are you suggesting Mayor? That this too-good-to-be-true proposition is nothing but a balloon full of hot air? a mirage? a hoax?

could you elaborate further more please, i know you have more insight and information than almost all of us and I think your opinion is important here

p.s. is it true that ,as I read in the article,counting never worked?

tx in advance

The Mayor

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Re: I recall this note...

Yes, this technique of beating the game is a fraud, never worked, and today is defunct and no longer available. If there was anything to it, you would be able to go to any bookstore and buy a book on it, and experts would be quoting it's EV.

What more is there to say?



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Re: I recall this note...

It's reassuring to know that someone has done his homework,

it's truly appreciated, thank you Mayor

Re: Major BJ - FLASH There's More

Inventor Sues over Gambling System

Special Gaming Correspondent

Reuters 10/26/99, ATLANTIC CITY, Documents were filed in NJ State Court
today alleging fraud, theft, and racketeering against Douglas Grant,
the Fractals R Us Publishing Company, and others (see story 10/22/99).

"I will fight to the death!" proclaimed Thurstle Mullins on the steps
of the State Courthouse late this morning. The suit claims that it was
Mullins who made the casino-shaking discovery that provides the basis
for FractalClump™. The documents allege that a co-conspirator, Thomas
Bolick, posed for 2 years in a Mullins sponsored Internet practice and
research group as a participant known only as "Grampy." It was during
this period that Bolick, posing as Grampy, gained the confidence of
Mullins and stole the industry shattering algorithms that Mullins was
in the process of developing and patenting, the documents allege.

"This was my life's work," bemoaned Mullins, a high school drop-out
with a penchant for unorthodox mathematics, "I have followed in the
footsteps of great thinkers of the past, men like Tesla, Galileo, and
Liebniz and they too had their problems!"

"Fractalrithm® will change the world as we know it, I will not lose my
bid for immortality!" decrees Mullins.

The Mullins suit seeks damages in the amount of $200 million and a jury
trial. At press time defendants Grant and Bolick were unavailable for
comment. Another defendant, Harvey J. Cohen Ph.D., who also worked
secretly with Mullins, apparently not wanting to risk his credibility
within the so-called 'card counters' community, was asked to respond to
the litigative charges, to which he exclaimed "ROTFLOL!"

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Re: Major BJ - FLASH There's More

...and it is all so reminiscent of the famous Quasar Apogee system. The good ones die young....

Re: I recall this note... MORE

>>Posted By: The Mayor <[email protected]>
In Response To: Re: I recall this note... (BjFool)

Yes, this technique of beating the game is a fraud, never worked, and today is defunct and no longer available. If there was anything to it, you would be able to go to any bookstore and buy a book on it, and experts would be quoting it's EV. What more is there to say? --Mayor <<

...What more is there to say? Well first off, I wrote both press releases with tongue in cheek for bj.wreck group...

...and recently I discovered that Doogie took them as quite real with his response below for your amusement provided. zg


From: DOUGLAS G.V. REIMAN ([email protected])
Subject: Re: Re-post for Harvey, others
Newsgroups: rec.gambling.blackjack
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Date: 2001-07-04 06:29:05 PST

Considering that I do not have any systems to sell, nope, nothing
No systems or software. And I do not know anyone by the name of
Boris, and certainly these idiots would not know a fractal
pattern analysis system if it bit them in the ass, this post
clearly demonstrates the desperation of the con men that wrote

They want me to sell something so bad they can taste it. But I
know that if I sold any of my systems they would be worthless as
soon as Arnold Snyder got hold of them and sold them to the
casinos, like he did with one of my earlier courses.

So I am not selling anything. Nothing. No matter how much these
con men beg and whine to get their hands on my famous systems
(especially the one that Professor Peter Griffin said would win
more than Snyder or Wong's) I will not sell them. They are not
for sale.

Consequently, since they want it so bad, they feel the need to
simply fabricate some utter child like nonsense to try and con
the readers that in fact I am selling some system, which of
course I am not, and have refused several private offers from
some of the con men to purchase my copyrights.

So all the hype, con games, lies, libel and ridiculous and
childish posts like this one will not make me sell anything. My
systems will remain out of circulation forever, other than for
those that already have a license to use them, of course.

Today , I trade financial futures based upon systems I have
developed. I no longer play Blackjack professionally, or finance
or manage card counting teams. I have absolutely zero interest
in selling systems or software in respect to the casino industry.

Do not let the con men con you otherwise. The con men are
clearly desperate, or they would not resort to the time and
effort to so elaborately try and use cyberstalking and malicious
libel against me. They know what I post cannot be refuted, hence
desperation posts like this one.

Doug Grant (Tm)

The Mayor

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The Mayor Wonders...

Just about every person in this country was an expert in the Markets during the 90's, put your money anywhere and it made a bundle.

Question, is DG still doing it today? I wonder.

Re: The Mayor Wonders...YES

YES - he's using "fractal-pattern-analysis" to trade commodities - supposedly - but actually developing a new following of beleivers - I am reminded of Eric Hoffer's classic 'The True Beliver' (or was that Rollo May?). zg