Mesquite, Searchlight & Laughlin

I like the Las Vegas suburbs...anyone have any favorite places (great rules) for casinos that are NOT in Las Vegas, but in Nevada?



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I played in Searchlight about 2 years ago and loved it. It is a great spot for a smart nickel player. The rules are decent but the game is fantastic. I believe there is only one table in the whole city, and not much else. There isn't any other reason to be anywhere near Searchlight.

Mesquite is not bad. They have four casinos with SD, DAS, H17. The Eureka is independent but the other three are owned under one banner company. The Casa Blanca is the nicest of the four followed by the Eureka. The Oasis and the Virgin River have a Vegas Club look and feel.



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BJ in Laughlin has taken a big turn south,but you can still find okay games at The Riverside,The Pioneer and The Ramada.Edgewater used to have good games but not the last two trips I made.