Monorail expansion to Mandy Bay / Raiders stadium


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Over the weekend, the monorail expansion was unveiled, planning to extend the current monorail from it's end point at MGM to Mandy Bay close to the Raiders new stadium site.

The route seems pretty odd though. :confused: From the current end point at MGM the monorail would head east (away from strip) to Koval road, then turn south to Reno Road then west on Reno, crossing the strip to Mandalay Bay property.

Only one additional station is planned at the Mandalay Bay location. Despite that the current projected route will take the monorail close to south east corner of Trop Property, there is no plans for a station there and even dumber in my opinion is that this route would actually take the Monorail onto McCarran Airport land as it travels along Koval Road between Tropicana and Reno, and their are no plans to connect to the Airport.

An airport connection has been talked about for years, since the monorail opened, but there is fierce opposition from the taxi/limo industry for obvious reasons. Just imagine Airport connection would actually make that monorail useful. o_O AND alleviate traffic problems.