Much better than counting?

in the book Busting Vegas , the authors mentioned that the "adanced tech" they use has much better edge over counting. these tech are Cut Cards, Ace Sequencing, Shuffle Tracking. on their website, they said they have as much as advantage to as much as 50% per hand, as opposed to the 5% per hand maximum advantage of card counting. Anybody belive this? Are there really suck tech that have as much as 50% edge? counting seems nothing compared with these tech then..
Misleading advertising...

... used to hype their study materials. The 50% claim is based on the extremely rare if ever situation where we KNOW that we will get an Ace. The one method that can 100% predict the Ace on occassion, using the cut-card, is illegal BTW. zg


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It depends on how you (or the dealer) does it.

The method described in the MIT DVD is completely legal, but very inaccurate. ZenGrifter is talking about a method with 100% accuracy.

I was referring to the method where...

... the cut-card is expertly inserted an exact number of cards from the front and then the expert cops a peek, then once in 13 insertions one would see an Ace and know exactly when it would appear. Some pros almost went to jail for this. It wasn't the cutting, it was the peeking. zg