Multiple Hands vs. 1 Hand

I've been playing DD recently and keep a side count of Aces. When there are a lot of Aces left (6 aces with 1 deck remaining for example) and the TC is -1 or higher I'll play 2 spots at minimum to try to catch the aces. If the TC raises with high count of Aces I'll stick with 2 hands and raise my bets accordingly.. There's been times I'll get BJ both hands (ppl freak out) then there's times the dealer will get a BJ (ppl blame me).. When to go to 2 hands? Or sticking with one? While incorporating ace count, and would i split my Max bet if i go 2 hands?


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I am not going to ask where you play Joe, but some places, Like Vegas are overly sensitive to spreading to multiple hands in plus counts....ESPECIALLY at DD games.

At the risk of repeating my experiences, when I moved to Vegas, there were two things I was really looking forward to taking advantage of that I couldn't back east, where my career began. One was double deck games and the second, spreading to two hands in plus counts (too crowded to do so much back east).

I quickly found both somewhat problematic in Vegas. DD games in general are counter traps, that is to say "hawked" closely. For that reason, I still mostly play 6 and 8 deck games (mostly 6). Bigplayer once said, identify the best game (rules/penetration) and avoid it. Play the second best. :rolleyes: That seems a little extreme, but the logic is worthy of consideration, especially at the known sweaty joints.

The second thing and what you really asked about was spreading to multiple hands. It didn't take long for me to discover that Vegas casinos are much more sensitive to this than other locations. It only takes a couple times of the pit critter, coming over and flipping through the discard tray, looking at the cards, just after you have spread to 2 hands, to receive that message. I am a bit slow, so it might have takes 3 different times of this occurring, before I got the message. ;) Other locations are different and other's players mileage may vary, but that's been my experience.

If you spread to 2 hands, your wager should be roughly 75% of what your single hand max bet was.


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I mostly backcount and jump in with 2 hands, but the times I went from 1 hand to 2 hands when playing heads up for example, nothing much came from it. I did get backed off at Paris where I did most of my heads up play spreading to 2 hands, so maybe there is something to that, but the heat came from a previous session of max bets and splitting 10s after backcounting.

Just keep your sessions short and you can spread to 2 hands no problem.
as far as RoR doubles, managed to lose my 3,000 bankroll 1-10 spread using 2 hand tactic,

when i switched to 1hand my bankroll stayed together (both 1h and 2h full tables on 6-8deckers maybe different on a double decker us east coasters only have Pa and NJ games to pick from) so those 5 dollar tables may as well be science fiction followed by anything higher 75 pent