muse of chairs?


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Good morning gentlemen, I came back the other day from yet another trip to the tables. I was asking the question of seat postions yet again. Has anyone ever tracked or recorded results in relation to the seat and amount of people seated at the table. I'm starting to see a pattern result in my sessions that I know deep down do not have beiring on my results but are starting to appear more often than not. I will explain. I play 8d s17 das no surrender. It seems that when I sit at third or first and the counts are positive or really positive everyone or most everyone else is getting the twenties and bjs and there I sit with the damn 13s 14s 15s 16s . I'm just sit in silent agony time and time again while others clean house and up their bets after winnng hand after hand or pushing the dealers hand. I'm starting to feel the third base is not really optimum for a card counter contrary to popular belief. This latest trip was frustrating once again and need some input. I think the best seat would be next to third but not third or next to first but not first, Help! blkchpjim:confused:


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Each seat has an equally likely chance of getting the tens and aces in a high count. You're just experiencing negative variance.


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The reason most card counters like to sit towards 3rd base is simply to see more cards before they play their hand. This is mainly used for index play, doubling, and splitting decisions. It gives a more accurate read at the last minute. Otherwise seat position really plays no bearing on the outcome of your hand.


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It's not always like that. A month or so ago a friend and myself were both at a table, and both playeing two hands each. I was at third base, he was near first. I was pulling all the good cards, and he was getting clobbered.