My first week of counting

I am writing this after a 9 hour graveyard session at a Casino I was visiting for the first time, one of the two around me(Letting other one cool off since I played there 3 nights in a row for 8 hours - these 24 hours were my first 24 hours counting). At my 3rd session ever, someone hit a straight flush with 25 on the side bet and won 2.2k. She slid me 4 greens for being at the table(Talk about positive EV!). I only bought in 300 but had 500 in my pocket. Later in the night, a woman 'visiting' from Tennessee with her husband was at the table. She was 25 years old, and dumb as hell. She needed all the rules explained and took 10 seconds each hand. This slowed things down a lot but since i'm new I liked the extra time to count. She ended up pulling out $60, and hitting a $900 side bet for suited trips or something. also, I missed 3 straight flushes through the 8 hour session, which would of tripled my cash out. It was much more crowded than I expected for 3am. there were two $10 min tables with each having a seat open at all times. I could comfortably wong out for the first time since everyone was jumping around literally turning back to back on the tables so I didn't look suspicious. There were 2 female pit bosses for a WHILE. Around the end, it was a single male pit boss. I believe I generated my first heat because he was staring at me HARD. So I tipped the dealer and headed towards the cage. $600 from $300 buy in.


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Bully for you! I was playing Spanish 21 at a $25 table with a lady much younger than myself. The dealer was showing a 7 and the player held two suited sevens. I had A6 and hit with one card given me a pat hand. The lady was next and drew the super bonus card for 7-7-7 suited. She tipped the dealer $350 and I was awarded a big thank you for hitting your hand and a pat on the shoulder. All I can say is, some peoples' kids! I hope that same lady is reading this post.