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need info on crown -- koz can you help

Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by georgeluc, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. georgeluc

    georgeluc Member

    Yeah I'm just starting to get into bj and i was wondering what is the best area to play in at crown? I think it's the Monte Carlo room, but i may be wrong. Does that room have the best odds for a single player with basic strategy and card counting skills to win.
  2. Koz1984

    Koz1984 Well-Known Member

    It's the best publicly available VIP room. The rules for their $30 tables are actually better than the $30 tables in the private Teak Room.
  3. georgeluc

    georgeluc Member

    What are the rules on the tables their?
  4. Koz1984

    Koz1984 Well-Known Member

    8 deck, BJ 3:2, H17, DOA, DAS, Split to 3, NRSA, One card to split aces.
  5. georgeluc

    georgeluc Member

    could you explain what those terms mean im kind of new :D
  6. HsiaoDi

    HsiaoDi Well-Known Member

    Google is your friend
    Hit soft 17.
    double on any two
    no re split aces

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