Needing some help with online casino bonuses

Hi all, first post.
I am looking to invest some free time playing with online casino bonuses. I'm no math genius, but I can find out that amount of required bets * EV tells me how much money I can expect to lose before being able to withdraw. The problem I am having is that while there are many bonuses advertised, I'm not able to find enough information to calculate the advantage/disadvantage. Can anyone point me in the right direction? If I can use the bonus to play blackjack that would be great!


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Very few bonuses are beatable because they often do not allow blackjack or if they do they count it at a reduced rate. So for example a common bonus wagering requirement is 20x applied to both the deposit and the bonus. So if you deposit $100 then you need to wager $200 * 20 or $4,000. But blackjack will only count for 10% or 5% so you would then need to wager $40,000 or $80,000 with an expected house edge of $200 or $400, assuming you make no basic strategy errors or misclicks. And that is if blackjack even counts at all, some times the bonus can only be cleared on slots.

Usually you have to look in the terms and conditions or the bonus terms and conditions to get all the details.
You're correct in that the formula 'wagering requirement * house edge of game = EV', will give you the basic EV of a bonus, however depending on the nature of the bonus the variance of the games you're playing can be critical too.

I spent my first few years as a full time AP focusing mainly on using deposit matches for slots games. Most online casinos either don't allow the bonus to be used on Blackjack, or the contribution to the wagering is significantly reduced on blackjack, so it's almost always much higher EV and much quicker to use slots.

If you want to make money from online casino bonuses ideally you need to have the bankroll and mental resilience to use high variance slots games - there can be huge negative swings that will wipe you out if you don't have the bankroll, so tread carefully.