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Discussion in 'Southern USA' started by techster, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. techster

    techster Well-Known Member

    I will be in New Orleans just after the New Year, staying across the street from Harrahs. Anyone know anything about the blackjack here? Thanks
  2. gDGBD

    gDGBD Member

    Last time I was there was pre-Katrina, but you could find 6D, S17, and DAS. They didn't offer surrender.
  3. avs21

    avs21 Well-Known Member

    I haven't been to Harrah's since October I didn't bother playing. The High Roller room is 6d, but everytime I checked it out it was $50 min, so I didn't bother checking out all the rules. The rest of the BJ games are crappy 8D DAS DA2 S17, no surrender and the tables usually are $15min or 25. Treasure Chest is in Kenner, which is about 15mins away has better games. They have 6D games with same rules and you can find a couple $10 tables and one $5 table, but the five dollar usually is really crowded and hard to get a seat.
  4. pieinthesky

    pieinthesky Well-Known Member

    Harrah's New Orleans

    Could anyone provide updated info? In particular, are they still S17 on all games? Still 6D in HL? Pen? Thanks.
  5. moo321

    moo321 Well-Known Member

    Ken might know. Send him a PM.
  6. Ace007

    Ace007 Well-Known Member

    the shoe game there is 8 Deck, H17, DAS allowed, no re-splitting of aces. Not a great game there honestly.
  7. SandBaggins

    SandBaggins Active Member

    Any Updates?

    Anyone play low-limit at H a r r a h 's lately?

    Any and all information is appreciated! :)


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  8. It's a horrible place to play BJ. Don't even bother, go to Biloxi instead.

    It's a wonderful place to stay if you get room comps and are visiting New Orleans! Clean and comfortable, not right in the tourist area but close enough so you can safely walk, free parking with 30 minutes play.
  9. Vytas

    Vytas Active Member

    Take the run to Biloxi if you can. If not , at least take the ride to the Silver Slipper, about 60 miles east of the Big Sleazey. The +EV will more than make up for your time,gas, and effort.
  10. Dyepaintball12

    Dyepaintball12 Well-Known Member

  11. SandBaggins

    SandBaggins Active Member

    Thanks for the heads up guys.

    I'll probably just stick to craps while I'm there. . .

  12. Midnght Cow

    Midnght Cow Member

    Agree with most here.

    Fun place to sightsee, but some of the worst BJ I've seen.
  13. SandBaggins

    SandBaggins Active Member

    Btw, any noteworthy store in Shreveport? I'll be passing through...

    Thanks again.

  14. Buchana3

    Buchana3 Member

    Shrev eport

    I like Samstown .. not as big as Harrahs but definitely go to high limit.. and not alone.. Good dealers.. nice pit
  15. SandBaggins

    SandBaggins Active Member

    I didn't play high limit but I did enjoy myself when I visited. Very nice crew. Avg pen.

  16. darco77

    darco77 Well-Known Member

    What a shame. I'll be back in the Big Sleazy in a few weeks and won't have time for a Biloxi day trip. Does anyone have any opinions on the poker talent here? I usually play 1/2 NL.
  17. Ace007

    Ace007 Well-Known Member

    the only thing good about harrah's is that they comp me well compared to other stores i've played at. maybe it's because they know if they comp me, then i will come back in so they take some more of my bankroll!! lol

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