New to Online Casinos

I sure hope some others will post about their experiences with online blackjack as I am interested in getting started and would like to know how and which casino is the best. Thanks.
Online Blackjack

I played a lot of online blackjack in 2004 with great success by playing the casinos with good bonuses. I have 3 excellent ones for you to start with. Not only do they offer good signup bonuses but they have recurring monthly bonuses as well. Try Intercasino, Omni, and Carsands. Good luck!
No "Surrrender" at online casino Blackjack games

Recently I played a with a few online casinos but all of their Blackjack games do not provide the "Surrender" option to players.

Does anyone know which ones offer "Surrender" and the most favourable options to players of Blackjack?