Niagra Falls

Brock Windsor

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For blackjack none of them good and all have some csm's and some shoe games.. Of the three I would play the Seneca one in NY, at least they comp booze. If you're going on vacation or bringing a spouse Fallsview is the nicest. They are close enough you can visit all three and decide for yourself


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Seneca (USA) has the lowest limits ($5), but has only CSM games during the day. They open up some shoe games ($10), in the evening. 8 decks, ~75% pen, S17, DOA, DAS, SP3 (except aces), no surrender.

Casino Niagara (Canada) has some lower limit games at all hours.
Fallsview (Canada) is the nicest of the three, but has the highest limits. $15 minimum at a CSM is the lowest you will find. Lowest shoe game is $25 (ASM) and sometimes even $50.
Both are 8 decks, ~75% pen, S17, DOA, DAS, SP4 (except aces), no surrender.

The above all refers to conditions out on the floor. I don't know what the conditions are in the high limit rooms.
Recent trip

Was just in the Niagara area this past weekend. Seneca Niagara is now all csms, except for $50 tables and up, according to a "regular" I spoke to there, and a dealer confirmed it.

Fallsview was all csms, except $50 & up, this past Sat night.

I thought I'd find at better deal at the smaller Casino Niagara. Disappointing though. $15 mins the whole weekend, when I was hoping for tens. I had a hotel room close to there, and checked the tables Fri nite, Sat and even Sunday morning, and they weren't dropping from the 15 minimum. It was mostly csms there, too, including at the $25 tables. There were a couple of shoe games, but not enough seats for the number of people who wanted to play at them. It is strange the overall limited number of tables devoted to bj at that place.