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Discussion in 'General' started by pogostick, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. pogostick

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    I'm going for a couple days of gambling . I am going to try not CC this trip. I am going to use BS of course . Here is the reason> First I am only taking 2k . 2 > I have lost my ass with the swings thank's to this forum LOL. 3 > The deck's has to be stacked with more +Count in front to make CC work ,of course that is the reason for the big swing when you do get a favorable deck ,so my BR will not stand the swing. 4 > I play out of a 6 deck shoe & a lot of times the shoe starts out loaded with FC only to give me a high neg C while I am at my mim bet. Card counting does work only if you have the patients & BR + nerve to stick with it. I have a small problem> I can't look at any layout of cards without counting ? Can't help it LOL I still get room & meals which is not bad .PS How do you guys get away with counting for so long at the same table? I can spot a counter just by the way he carrys himself & by the end of the first shoe you would be on Pogo's watch list if I were the pit boss. This is one reason I don't have the big swings some of you guy have.
  2. jerseycounter

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    After counting i don't think i could play just bs. do you have access to 5 dollar tables? if so 2,000 should be plenty. also if you don't want big swings lower your bet spread like 1-10 and just play 1 hand. i agree with you about spotting counters. i think only aps have the ability to do that. well hope you dont go gambling ha.
  3. Pogo

    You do have alot of options, give it some real deep thought, think outside the box, it is there.;)

    Happy Holidays,:)
  4. aslan

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    If you are just going to play bs, but you can't help counting, you will find yourself betting at least a skosh higher in plus counts-- trust me, you won't be able to help yourself. And everything you may do to whittle at a small HA will only accrue to your favor, even if it reduces your chance to score large. You will enjoy the more relaxed play, too. :)

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