No penalty to refuse cards to players hands.

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferretnparrot, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Ferretnparrot

    Ferretnparrot Well-Known Member

    Without getting into much detail, I was dealt a hand that. I wanted to draw additional cards to which would require me to put up more money.

    The dealer passed me up and flipped over the hole card and I threw a hissy tantrum and insisted that I be allowed to make the play I intended to make. The floor came over and explained I could not make that play but I could hit or stand if I wanted.

    Afterward I learned that this is the norm, and is allowed by regulations set by the governing authority of that casino. Which is worded such that in a situation where the dealer does not deal a player a card, they can do so ONLY BEFORE the dealer exposes the hole card, and aftwerward they can only have the choice to abandon their cards or ???? Because its usually unspecific other than you can abandon your hand and withdraw your bet.

    The curious point here is that, to my knowledge, this is the norm for at least two states with set rules governing their games, and there is NO PENALTY for the casino to prevent a player from doubling or splitting when they prematurely expose the hole card.

    This basically means the casinos could justle players like this at will and increase their hold by. A large factor since they are effectively changing the rules of the game, and reaping large chunks of EV everytime it happens, and as I said, no penalty to the casino via the governing body, which is fed up.
  2. MangoJ

    MangoJ Well-Known Member

    So you wanted to double your Soft 21 ?
  3. alwayssplitaces

    alwayssplitaces Well-Known Member

    Could be doubling soft 19 or 20 or splitting tens vs 5 or 6, something ploppies don't do. Those moves are correct if the dealer has a stiff.
  4. winr_winr_chicken_dinner!

    winr_winr_chicken_dinner! Well-Known Member

    Gotta get that $$$ out there quick when this happens. If I am going to do something really different than normal I usually hold up my hand, Queen Latifah style over my cards so the dealer stops for a second and I can make my decision. Interesting about the no penalty from gaming, and I guess I can understand the "hit or stand only" rule, otherwise it is kind of like allowing past-posting since you have seen the dealer's hole card and you have more information.
  5. Ferretnparrot

    Ferretnparrot Well-Known Member

    Its not past posting because its still the players turn to act.

    I think a fair alternative would be to allow other players to choose to play or not knwoing that the hole card would be discarded and a new one drawn after the player has split/ doubled etc.
  6. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    I had the case where I was playing two hands heads up against the dealer. I had an ace on my first hand. The dealer skipped my first hand and put a ten on my second card and then dealt to himself. I complained, saying that the dealer should have dealt me a blackjack, but that he skipped my first hand. The pit said they were not allowed to back up the cards, so they dealt me another card and I had the option to play the hand or not (both hands, as I remember). Believe it or not, I can't remember what the second card was, only that it was not a blackjack. I did feel cheated.
  7. bjcardcounter

    bjcardcounter Well-Known Member

    I was asked to play as I wish

    Once the dealer flipped the hole card A before asking me and had 17 in total. I was the only one in the table. There was one guy standing behind me who cheers me for a monkey. I had a 5 I think. PB came over and asked me to play the hand the way I want to. I said that's cool and kept hitting and had 16. At this point the idiot standing behind me asked me to stay, because the book says so. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: As usual I never cared for those fools and hit again hoping for a small one, but busted.
  8. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    Who cares that the dealer has 17-- the book says to stand on 16 against a dealer 6! :laugh: :laugh: You have to love it!

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