North West Rumour

I have heard a rumour recently regarding one of the casinos in this area and wondered if anyone had heard similar. I would rather discuss this via PM but I'm not sure if I've done enough posts to warrant friend requests being accepted by the players living near me or perhaps its another problem. Any thoughts?
Hi Flash and thanks for your reply. I understand its a sensitive issue and that perhaps the quantity or quality of my posts have not been high enough but it would be nice to know either way. I do only really play for fun - k.O. with some cover plays and index numbers, spreading 1-12 using a fairly conservative B.R. I'm very conservative with my attitude to risk and hence my expectation is pretty low but its fun and gives me a lot of pleasure. Anyway, the forum is great and it would be nice to be able to use it a bit more.


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You guys crack me up . . . . :laugh: As this was posted in the Europe section, and refers to the "North West" (a phrase I've never heard anyone refer to in any other European country) I think it's safe to assume it's England. I know that water covers two thirds of this planet, but the other third isn't made up of the United States of America, although I wish someone had told Bush. So he might be based in the beautiful Lake District, or somewhere grotty like Carlisle??

As to "rumor", as opposed to "rumour", I think he's probably just another victim of State education. There are lots of them.
Dear oh dear, how terribly confusing life is especially for those of us cursed with a state education. My Oxford English Dictionary spells rumour as, wait for it, rumour! Then again it is a little old and maybe I picked it up at the state skool i wn tu. As to my whereabouts it now seems as if I'll be spoiling all the fun for the super-sleuths out there, suffice it to say that yes this is indeed the Europe forum and I have never heard of anywhere else in mainland Europe being described as "North West" either. Anyway, good cards everyone.


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Lemmmy said:
. . .My Oxford English Dictionary spells rumour as, wait for it, rumour! . . .
Sorry, misinterpreted this one. Thought you had mis-spelt it, and one of our American cousins was having a dig (which really would be a case of pot and kettle).
Perhaps the privately educated don't need to use a dictionary to check spelling. It is, after all, simply beyond belief that they might be wrong about something. (Sorry 21 couldn't help it). Anyway it's nice to have a bit of class war in the forum. Good cards everyone.


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Sorry, you've got that wrong. State comprehensive for me . . . . . followed immediately by the world of work, ie left school at 16 years on a Friday shortly after final exam, started work 8.30am the following Monday morning.


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Lemmmy, your account has been upgraded. The notification emails for PMs are bouncing though so you may want to verify your email address.