Off Subject ..Poker on Travel Channel

I know this is offtopic but TravelChannel has 2 full hours of Poker starting tonite 8pm est -10pm est ..check it out.

I played for a living for 4 years in mid 90's ..cant seem to get it out of my blood.

If real poker and decent bj games come to FLA..I'll be in clover
Yea I knew all that statistical bs.I played over 5500 hours mostly 10-20 and 15-30 Holdem.
My average in 10-20 was $28 an hour ..15-30 $33 an hour.I dont reemmber my exact sd for either game but I remember it being about 8-10 big bets an hour or $160-200 in 10-20 and $240-300 in 15-30.
This was in AC and all over the country mostly California in 1994-1997.I think that most players play better now making games tougher in last 5 years.
Low limits games can be ground out but all card rooms in last 5 years have raised rakes ridiculously.All low limit games in miss.,calif now have rakes that take a minimum $150 per hour off a table..thats tuff to buck ..lowers hourly average to neglible amounts and increses sd.
I am just generalizing now..Gotta play time games not raked games..10-20 and up.
There are always exceptions to the rule.