Online Casino cheats us like fish on game

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  1. cjjssc

    cjjssc Banned

    Online Casino cheats us like fish on game:whip:

    The Blackjack internet gives information for free, but just sale you
    Product, Same senior member like book salesman, Web sites cover the
    Online Casino like big fishing net, we are just like fishes.
    Please go web and select Fish on game
    Web: (Dead link:
    This game show you the Online Casino like your mouse you are the fish

    I was 2 times champ on free tournament, I send email to the support
    For my camp gift but no response, I checked AboutUs there has
    no address
    The Blackjack Club is operated by:
    Network Media Services Ltd
    Dugard House
    Peartree Road
    CO3 0UL

    I played this week but lose very fast as my id is cjjssc :
    This week Last week
    Balance 0.5 52035.0
    Ranked 88 1
    Played rounds 571 913
    Total stakes 115229.0 227830.0
    Total result 121909.5 299570.0

    Top 10 scores
    This week Last week
    1 bufeg 57065.0 1 cjjssc 52035.0
    2 yahripley 31005.0 2 yahripley 35901.0
    3 Nate329 20250.0 3 plaminchu85 35750.0
    4 labais2 20225.0 4 bubblegut 31000.0
    5 adrianomarconi 19000.0 5 BJ_PRINCESS15 27267.5
    6 buggy151 18250.0 6 wifey081509 24250.0
    7 Lardidah 15250.0 7 supersonico 16750.0
    8 Vrezh 13975.0 8 samirafilfli 16000.0
    9 sammyrivera 13750.0 9 bakano26 15200.0
    10 cepi 13000.0 10 ewaleson 13800.0

    I believe This Online Casino set me as play real money mode, so I get only $0.5 left,
    My 2 times tournament champ even less than 50 cents, because I have no response
    From the support of the Online Cas
  2. RJT

    RJT Well-Known Member

    Nothing to do with cheating casinos - you're a gambler and losing is part of gambling. If you bet money on or offline without an advantage you should expect to lose in the long run.

  3. Liquid Chips

    Liquid Chips Well-Known Member

    Ever since November 2009, something has been fishy at ALL online casinos that accepts players from United States. It is like they all installed a super algorithmic analyzer that can anticipate your likely bet with startling accuracy. Until a government regulated third-party starts drawing cards or rolls the dice on behalf of the online casino and player, I no longer play online casinos.

    With land casinos, at least you can see the cards. (However, I avoid the Shufflemaster i-tables. When the casino, online or land, knows how much you are betting before the draw and can analyze your strategy, you best bet is they are going to use that information against you. I'd be suspicious of even tables with CSMs and RFIDs in the chips.)
  4. Caesar

    Caesar Well-Known Member

    Americans ought to avoid online blackjack

    I agree. The online casinos have no reason to provide a "fair" game to American players in this environment. Without regulation, casinos cheat: It's a historical fact.

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