Online Casino that reshuffles 8 decks when ~20% is left

Discussion in 'Blackjack - Online Casinos' started by Xcer, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Xcer

    Xcer New Member

    at Unibet that's what they do. Here are the RULES followed my a QUESTION from me as a beginner (I only learned how to count cards last night and made a couple of hundred euros):

    Dealer stands o ALL 17's
    if dealer AND you get BJ it's a push.
    Dealer checks for BJ when the card turned up is an A.
    Insurance available.
    8 deck of cards. They shuffle all 8, put them in a transparent card holder and draw cards until the "red card" is drawn. When the red card is drawn they play this round that is currently ongoing and shuffle after that.
    The red card is, in 80% of the cases, found when there's ~20% of the cards left.
    You can only double if the sum of the cards on your first hand is 9, 10 or 11.
    You can split all pairs.
    If you split 2 Aces you only get 1 MORE CARD / ace.
    You cannot resplit.
    You cannot double after splitting.
    BJ pays 3:2

    If I play at this casino, using Basic Strategy and Hi-Lo card counting. Can I make good money?
    I don't plan to do it as a living but when I think of profit / night I would probably say around €200 euro is decent. I'm not as good as you people are so €30K and those kind of numbers are way out of my league :p

    EDIT: I live in Sweden :)
  2. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    The rules are bad and the penetration is not good.

    This is NOT a game to play.

    In the long run you WILL lose your money ...

    ... even if the game is honest, which may not be the case.

    Although with such bad rules they do not need to cheat, as you will lose.

    "A word to the wise is sufficient".

    "Forewarned is forearmed".
  3. Xcer

    Xcer New Member

    The problem is everyone say that casino BJ is bad because they have those machines that shuffle all the time. Online blackjack is bad because they shuffle after each hand. Live online blackjack is bad because the house advantage is very high.

    Where should I play to make money then :confused: :(
  4. Jack_Black

    Jack_Black Well-Known Member

    It's sounds like you don't have access to good BJ games then. doesn't sound good for you. but let me give you some famous inspirational quotes I found in my fortune cookies.

    "where there's a will, there's a way."

    "Necessity is the mother of invention."

    "Your lucky numbers are 00 21 69"

    there are plenty of other ways to make money by gambling. you just need to Abre los Ojos.
  5. Southpaw

    Southpaw Well-Known Member

    The game is bad, but not as bad as some are suggesting. With a sufficient spread, you would be playing with advantage. However, your advantage will be very small and variance will be huge. It will take tens if not hundreds of thousands of rounds before you can actually expect to see profit.

    On the bright side, you should at least encounter zero costs in accessing this game, since it is online, no? Also, since it is online you at least don't have to waste your time driving out to the middle of no where like some of us frequently do.

  6. Jack_Black

    Jack_Black Well-Known Member

    you must be joking right? you're trying to make me laugh right? that's the only answer that would make sense. you're seriously going to tell a beginner that this is not that bad of a game? you are going to say with a straight face that you would play this garbage? let me put it this way. I play a 12,000 N0 game mostly heads up, and it took me 700 hours to show a profit. and you're gonna tell a noob to go ahead and play this 55,000 N0 game?!?! oh yea, about 4,000 hours of heads up play should be fine. but considering there will be plenty of internet disconnects, and other ploppies slowing down the game, I estimate 12,000 hours.

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