Oregon and Washington games?

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by Toxic, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Toxic

    Toxic Active Member

    What can I expect to find? Looking to spread green in either DD or 6D
  2. Hell'nBack

    Hell'nBack Well-Known Member

    The limits are $300-$500. Not many surrender or DD games. ALL H17. Average pen. Most joints are sweat holes for counters. Especially Iron Horse and Emerald Queen. Best bet is Ilani Casino in La Center.
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  3. moneybags

    moneybags New Member

    Clearwater in Bainbridge Island, WA has DD, one single deck with odd rules, I think no 10's, not sure. Five and 10 dollar buy in with a $25 dollar table in the late afternoon, around 4pm. If they have a dealer they will open a $25 table for you.
  4. Hell'nBack

    Hell'nBack Well-Known Member

    I've been barred from their premises. The pen on DD is 50%. They are quick to ban known or suspected counters. Their shoe games are too crowded and Spanish 21 is unplayable because of H17 and no double double feature.
  5. Hell'nBack

    Hell'nBack Well-Known Member

    The single decker at Clearwater is Super Fun21 with 50% pen.
  6. Dummy

    Dummy Well-Known Member

    Posting the name of your favorite honey hole is the sure way to make sure someone burns the game. I recommend deleting this irrelevant information from your question. Oops, I see you don't have a question. You think you are helping others by posting your honey holes. When you are talking about the good old days when they used to offer the best games around you will figure out why you shouldn't have posted the casino names. Many great games have been burned when APs took the Traitor's helpful advice and defended on the quality games. All it takes is one slash and burn player taking the casino for an absurd amount of money and your great games turn to shit. The same is accomplished by a number of APs following your advice. Networking between a few select APs in a tight group is smart. Broadcasting opportunities to all is extremely stupid. Your handle seems to fit your behavior. Other AP's are your competition when it comes to protecting your best games.
  7. Hell'nBack

    Hell'nBack Well-Known Member

    Play Muckleshoots or EQC and try to employ a meaningful spread. They'll take action for a short time. Good luck with that shit. I have honey holes alright but the stores i mentioned are not on that bucket list. Ergo, I fail to grasp the meaning of your post and my post stands.
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  8. Dummy

    Dummy Well-Known Member

    I will let others explain it to you. Maybe you will just have to learn the hard way. But it sucks when your favorite honey holes get burned.

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