Palms buffet now open 24 hours


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For those with late night munchies looking for a 3am buffet, Palms Bistro buffet is now open 24 hours. Palms (now owned by Stations) buffet is on par with the better stations properties (Red Rock, GVR or Sunset) buffets. Not high-end, but pretty good value....IMO.


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Thanks for the tip kewlj :)
I will be in vegas for two weeks towards the end of april, so if i am in the Palms area i may check the buffet out, although i will be mainly playing off the strip. It will be my first counting experience as my country is mostly unplayable :(


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21forme said:
I think he is trying to be 'funny' in that odd ZG way. ;)

I consider myself an AP (at the salamander level :rolleyes:) and my partner and myself eat at buffets probably 4 times a week. And as an AP, I seek value. Some of the local type places, like Sam's town, Gold Coast, most station/fiesta properties including Palms (but excluding Palace Station), meet that criteria. My partner and I eat our bigger meal mid afternoon, like 2pm-ish. That means lunch prices...generally $7.99 range. AND we incorporate multiple discounts, senior day for my partner, 2/for/1 coupons that come in the mailers, on top of our discount for higher tier level. Most of these meals end up costing $2- 3 each and using points avoids any tax.

It's more than seeking value for me....eating courtesy of the casinos every day, sometimes multiple times in a day is actually part of my compensation or income. o_O
Diamond lounges at Caesar's properties in Vegas are also great places to eat free. I tend to overeat at buffets which only makes you feel tired/lazy to get to work.