Paradise Island, Bahamas


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Does anyone know anything about playing conditions at Atlantis or Crystal Palace or other casinos near Nassau ? I am going there next week on a playing vacation and would appreciate any info. Will post a trip report when I get back.


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Was there several years ago and EVERYTHING is expensive and comps (I hear) stink. Only played one shoe, lost every hand in the first half of the shoe and won every hand of the last hand of the shoe and won $2.50, I seem to recall I only flat bet $5 because I just wanted to say I played there. This was a port of call on a cruise and not a gambling trip. Sorry it's not much of a trip report.


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Both Atlantis and Crystal Palace offer 6D S17 DOA DAS no LS (basically AC rules) with table mins from $15 up to $500. At Atlantis, there are also several $10/15 min. 6:5 SD games (which, unfortunately, means very few $15 min. 6D games). Comps are tough at Atlantis - it is high roller central. Crystal Place has easier comps.

Atlantis is the dominant casino and gets all the big action - in terms of table games, it is comparable to a medium-sized high-end casino on the Strip. The Crystal Palace has seen better days. I have read somewhere that Harrah's will be taking over the Crystal Palace in the near future and modernizing it (and probably turning the games into crap).

Those are the only two casinos on Nassau. There is an Isle of Capri on Grand Bahama (I've never played there).


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I should know this one by now. Does this mean the dealer must hit a soft 17. I usually avoid this game. Are there any strategy variations one should use for it ? I am pretty sure that in Atlantic City the dealer stands on soft 17.

By the way revereman was there a casino on the boat that you were on ? I had some really good play on a cruise that I took to ALaska in August.
S17 means...

S17 means that dealer (S)tands on soft 17, H17 means that dealer (H)its soft 17.

S17 is the better rule for the player by about 0.20%.


We stayed at the Atlantis 4 or 5 days last February. Atlantis conditions are as BlackJackHack states except a few shoes were $10 min. Mon thru Wed, I believe, and they went to $15 Thur thru Sun. Hand shuffled games. As stated this is not a Low Roller joint. Also, there may have been 6:5 double deck, but don't quote me on that. (not that it matters). I ruled out all the 6:5 crap on day one.

S17 - dealer stands on soft 17


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I have been on two cruises, both with casinos. They closed at 4 am, back to room at 4:05 and always missed the midnight buffets (so I only gained 10 pounds, instead of 15).

S17 means dealer stands on 17. Rules on both cruises were very similiar to AC.
One 7-day cruise starting on Sat., I spread from $5-100 and I was half-shoed by Tuesday. It was really my fault. I didn't think they would care because the players were so bad, the ship must have made a fortune. So that's my warning, you can be ID'd on a cruise ship. I actually saw another counter on the ship, but he wouldn't acknowledge it in the airport in the way home. You know those counters, very paranoid. Splitting 10s on a cruise ship (at least these 2) is the norm, so you can get away with that when appropriate. When I got half-shoed, the pit was only about 5 tables, so I just hovered for a while (each day)and made the whole pit 50% (or worse) penetration. That was sorta fun but I would have preferred playing. I didn't bring my usual bankroll or bet my usual stakes because that was not the purpose of the trip.
Re: s17

>>I usually avoid this game.
Advantage is -0.2% more for H17. Shouldn't be a deal-breaker if pen is good.

>> Are there any strategy variations one should use for it ?
There are a couple, I remember looking into this myself. I decided for as often as I would play multideck H17, learning them wouldn't be worth the brain-clutter.

I just re-confirmed this over at Wizardofodds

The thread is about the Atlantis 6-Decker.

This has got me thinking. So I went back and revisited how I learned the basic strategies.

There are a handful of things that should have been obvious, like doubling 11 vs. Ace in multideck H17. I know to do this in SD because I learned the SD strategy perfectly. Then I chose to ignore it for multideck H17. So, I never really made the connection that this play was likely correct as a result of the H17 rule.

I was a little bit too "rote" with my approach to learning the BS charts. I will go back and concentrate on the nuances a bit.

The double on 11 thing is something like .01% difference on that situation only. And how often does that situation arise? I don't think I lost too much EV in the meantime(LOL)

Hmmmm, hey wait a minute... you know of any S17 SD 3:2 ???? If so, please share!!