Past Hole Carding Thread

There was a thread about strategy plays for hole carding. I found one that had the Wizard of Odds strategy chart for hole carding, but I remember there was another one that was simpler to remember. Someone wrote down the plays of when to hit, stand, etc. Does anyone know the thread I'm talking about? Thanks.
Honestly, I haven't even been looking yet, I'm trying to just master regular card counting. I just thought if I do happen to see the hole card I would know what to do with that info. But yes that is the one I was looking for thank you.


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It's good to be prepared. You'll find that in some games you'll see it only in certain circumstances, or you'll only see part of the card, and not get the exact number, but still have useful information. Understanding how to exploit these opportunities is useful. And of course, hole carding is often particularly lucrative in non-blackjack games. Keep your eyes open!