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Discussion in 'General' started by plainplayer, Aug 11, 2011.

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    I'm sitting at a table in a place I play regularly. Another regular -- entirely too regular, I have begun to realize -- is also there, and is sitting near me...again. He's trying to be conversational, but I'm feeling suspicious and resist the effort.

    He makes a comment about the low likelihood of success in what he seems to think is my betting scheme.

    Trying to chat me up, while simultaneously tracking my bets? :yikes:

    In fact, I'm not doing anything remotely like he thinks I am. But on the off chance that he's casino personnel and assigned to watch, I'm pleased as can be that he has badly mis-analyzed my play, which may have coincidentally appeared to be something other than what it actually is.

    In all likelihood, I'm probably just paranoid. But the paranoid live longer.
  2. Plain

    First off the guy should never be analyzing your playing and commenting to you about it's perceived weakness as if he is some gift from the Heavens. This guy does not work for the casino, he is just a uncouth bore and you should tell him to kiss your arse and to get lost.

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    I'd forgotten about this, from back in August.

    As it turns out, you're half right. He doesn't work for the casino...THAT casino. He's a PB from another casino in the area. I ran into him a couple weeks later when he was working floor in the other casino, a place where I play only very rarely.

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