Playboy Club in London


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The "new" Playboy club in London is due to open soon.

Someone I know has just received an invite to join: £1,200 per annum membership or £15,000 for lifetime membership. If you opt for the lifetime membership, then I think you'll get an invite to the opening thrash where Mr Heffner will be in attendance (no doubt surrounded by lots of young ladies). Not for me - even if I had the ackers available I think Mrs UK would pull a face . . .

It'll be interesting to see how long the membership fee thing lasts for before LCI come to the conclusion it's keeping more potential punters away than drawing in? Certainly, if you want to hit a gaming floor (as opposed to oggling bunnies) then there's plenty of choice within spitting distance of Old Park Lane where you don't have to stump up a fee to walk through the front door. It's not that long ago that Fifty, another club in Town charging a hefty membership fee, closed.

Just a thought . . . what's does "Playboy club" look like in Arabic? ;)
yeah, pretty crazy
they have an application form on their website now.
£1,200 per year + £1,000 joining fee
or £15,000 for life and you get a £3,000 bar tab + £500 in gambling chips
would be interesting to know if they are getting many takers :)


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I guess it depends how they think they will make their money.

If they keep it this way, they will have a clientele of X rich guys, having fun in a club full of rich guys and bunnies. Many will come because of the snob factor.

If they open it to all, they lose the exclusivity and perhaps some/most of the high rollers.

Which scenario puts more money in the gaming/restaurant/bar kitty ? They seem to be betting on scenario 1....