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  1. aslan

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    Well, having higher score, wouldn't that mean that there is lower risk playing two hands than one hand, and therefore, RoR should be reduced? That, coupled with higher variance, leaves me a little perplexed, but maybe my thinking is skewed. Help me out. BTW, wouldn't two hands at a time have the same bankroll requirements as one hand at a time? Trick question. :laugh:

    PS-- Assumption: minimum table limit may be played on both hands.
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  2. blackjack avenger

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    not sure i follow

    According to Qfit using SCORE:
    2 hands all the time
    2 hands when positive
    1 hand all the time

    Betting .73% ? of 1 hand bet on each of 2 spots

    The above does not consider game speed.

    In the short run; about 100 hrs, variance is higher. Obviously, one can lose both bets.
  3. kewljason

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    Are we just considering the mathematical aspect of playing 2 hands or can we add heat considerations? In some places 2 hands draws a great deal of heat. Vegas for instants, seems particular sensitive to spreading to 2 hands. Much more so than other locations. And even more so if we are talking about doubledeck games. What good is the mathematical advantages of doing so, if you get flagged immediately. :confused:
  4. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    No, referring to 2 hands as constant.
  5. moo321

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    I believe the original question regarded wonging: if you're getting busted wonging, you're probably playing too long, and/or betting too much.
  6. BrianCP

    BrianCP Well-Known Member

    So a good way to increase score while wonging out at TC's of -1 would be playing two hands constantly? Makes sense, you play twice as many hands as you normally would.
  7. Alvaro

    Alvaro Member

    You play more "hand" but, less "rounds".
  8. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    Only if you assume a less than full table. Right?
  9. BrianCP

    BrianCP Well-Known Member

    Hey Ken, you missed a spot!
  10. tthree

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    It is our christmas present. Post, post, poe.

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