Ploppies win!

Discussion in 'General' started by blackchipjim, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. blackchipjim

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    Sooo I went to the local joint yesterday thinking that today is the day my variance would turn around,Nyet!. Hit the tables early to avoid the dummies which only lasted an hour or two. Then the buses unleash the torent no, tidal wave of idiots ready to deposit thier money unbridled. The really bad thing was sitting at tables again getting low stiff hands and the dealer not busting. Ploppies making really stupid plays and comments is now becoming a test of my patience. Insane moves coupled with some of the most off the wall comments I have ever heard so far just wore me down. Yesterday reminded of the movie trailer Crazies only inside the casino. I'm going to take a break from going for right now to gather my thoughts again and put into prespective what just happend for the upmthteen time.
  2. paddywhack

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    Have seen it too earlier this year. Overall loser for 42 days of play spanning 187 hours until my slide ended and bankroll was down 63%. It was very very frustrating. Questioning everything I did. Took a few mini-breaks from the game only to return "refreshed" for more losing. It got to be comical - I knew I was going to lose, I just couldn't win. Not totally true but it sure felt like it.

    The streak did end and 121 hours later I was back where I was before the slide. Right now I'm closing in on the third double of that "low point" bank so life is good in that regard. Hang in there. Keep the RoR as low as you can and it'll turn around.

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