Poker at Borgata

I like to play to take a break from counting. I was at the Borg about 6 weeks ago when they first reopened their poker room. It wasn’t well planned out by them and I aborted the idea after about ten minutes of waiting. I’m down tomorrow for a night and wondering if anyone has played poker since their reopening of the poker room.


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I haven't; the thread from 2+2 overall has said they've ironed out some of the kinks but that it'll still be a long list, so if you're intending to play poker I'd recommend getting there early in the day/playing early. Not great for a break from counting unfortunately.
Tables are limited to 7 players. I’ve put in about 25 hours over the past 3 weeks with good results. Enough players chasing and on tilt or overly aggressive to take some good pots. They are trying hard to run it well and I give them thumbs up. On Friday or Saturday, you should get there by 8:00 am or you might be waiting a while for 20-40 or 40-80 limit hold em. Lots of 1-3 NL tables but not my game.


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1/3's my game these days, I miss when LHE was big in 2004-6 or so, made some decent money online but I don't think I'd want to sit and grind 20/40 at the Borg these days.

Looking forward to a vaccine and some level of poker normalcy to return, I haven't gone due to fear of COVID, but I can't imagine it's fun with the plexiglass, probably a somber feeling environment?
I feel good energy in the place. The plexiglass is what it is, but guys still talk to each other and it is quality glass so easy to see through. I do enjoy getting the mask off after an 8 hour session. Poker room was packed this past weekend. Certainly better than the alternative of sitting in my house all Winter!