Don't go! I think the BJ games are rigged in this Indian joint. I was just there last weekend, this dealer only cut off < 1 deck of cards in the 6D game (40-45 cards). Up till the last hand or so, the RC is +28. I know this could happen, but this happened to me twice in about 30 shoes I played over the last two times I was there, and the +counts happened more than 80% of the time). I don't know about their higher limits games, but the $10 games were rigged. Another personal story, the dealer forgot to offer the insurance and check the hole card, a card was drawn to me, then the other players reminded her to peek the hole card and also offer the insurance. The dealer then offered a quick insurance (by quick, I mean 0.1s), then she took a peek, BJ there was. All the players on the table were mad because the dealer never really offered insuarnce and also drew out a 3rd card. The floor called the surveillance to check if the dealer did offer the insurance, after 20mins of waiting, the surveillance people called the floor, and the floor said the dealer did offer the insurance, therefore everyone lost their money. I would bet if the same thing happens in every other casinos, they would let the players take back their bet. I am never going back to that place again.

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flyingwind said:
You spelled it wrong. It's pot&ff&dwat5%!4tomi.

I just want to know if it's worth going to.
No, someone saw a couple of high counts, they must be cheaters!
But it does sound like they handled the insurance mishap poorly...

I play at poto regularly and have seen some mistakes by dealers, but overall I think the play is fair. I do not like the 8 deck shoes and yes they will cut full decks off starting the shoe, which sucks. I have had more winning days at poto than I have had losing days, so I'm still happy. I usually play the $10 min. $200 max with 8 decks. The worst problem I have run into at poto is down right terrible players.

i play at poto in Milwaukee and will say i think they have a fair game.There are two sides to the casino;one side plays six decks and the other plays 8 deck.I was there today,and found they have several 5dollar tables that pay 3/2.Being in the ch hours northicago area,i dont really like the river boats here.I will drive the 1/1/2 north
this place is a sh*thole, walked in there with sizable amount of money in a fanny pack. the guards at the front wouldn't let me in with it, saying i had to check it at the front, ARE YOU KIDDING?!

So I went out put the money in my pocket and left the pack in the car and they wouldn't let me back in, just mumbled something about having to wait for her boss and they were watching me on the security cams in the parking garage. I asked them, "excuse me, what?" and she just yelled at me so I left.

If you are a white, male I suggest you don't go here. They treat you like a ****ing terrorist.

This was the one at milwaukee.


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Poto Info

I am willing to provide CBJN type info about MKE poto to just about anyone via PM.

I will also publicly say I am very comfortable playing there, have no reason to suspect cheating, feel like a welcome guest, and feel reasonably safe there.