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    Norm or CVCX users:

    When I run a sim using CVCX and specify backcounting I get some results that don't seem entirely sensible. At counts of zero, the win\loss data shows a loss (for the hands played at zero), but my win rate per hour actually is better if I play the zero counts rather than backcount.

    If the zero counts are providing a loss, why would my results improve when playing them rather than stepping aside?

    Is it due to the fact that the loss data is based on the initial bet and doesn't consider the blackjacks, doubles and splits, or do I have an error somewhere?

    The sim is Comlete Zen; 8D; Das; Ls; H17 with a 4:1 spread.

  2. QFIT

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    Win rate per hour is a bit confusing when backcounting. What does hands per hour mean? Observed or played? The way I look at it, is that there is no way for a program to figure out how many hands per hour you can play when backcounting, given the variable number of players, tables, seats in a casino. So, I allow the user to set this based on experience in a particular casino.

    You can continue to ask these questions in my forum. Pardon me for not including the link. Not my style.
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    Can you PM me the link? Thank you.
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    Aw come on 21gun, go to www.qfit.com and find it yourself :whip:
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    Can you PM me the link? :laugh:
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    Nice to know the humor is still there!
    Take care friends till we meet again!

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