Question About Walking out With Chips

Hey guys. Thank you for allowing me to post; I'm new here, and new to the world of AP. Tell me please, I can understand why you would walk out without cashing all your chips right away... but what makes these chips official in a way that they will recognize them when you come back in? Are they tagged with radio chips or something? If it's just a logo or color... couldn't anyone have them made up and try to defraud the casino?

How do you know and feel confident they will honor their chips and cash you out, and how do they know the chips are real?

Thank you for any replies!
Most chips these days are inserted with RFID chip inside. My casino put them in a plate, then the total will display immediately without cashier added the values together. If it is a big amount, the pit boss will remind me of cashing the chips in 24 hours or the same day. These are the measurements casinos use technology to counter AP.
Bluest said:
Thank you! Very helpful. So, if you tried to cash those chips beyond 24 hours, would they try to refuse you?
I think right now you are OK to cash the chips with days or even months passed by. But the casinos prefer players cash them out in the same day. And in the future when most people are costumed to such rules, they may make the change.


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I wouldn't say that "most chips" have RFID these days. A few do, for higher denominations especially, but I think they're still the exception. There are all kinds of reasons it's helpful to keep a stash of chips.

Sure, people have made counterfeit chips before, but it's far from easy, and many do get busted.